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YICHUN XIANGLONG WOOD CO.,LTD is a company from China exhibitors of 119th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


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    YoHoo! Pencil "Price Forest" has been produced. In 2006, Heilongjiang Finagling Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has emphatically brought out the pencil brand "Prince Forest". It will powerfully create high-quality brand of student pencil of Chinese cartoon & animation relying on the strong strength and enormous resource advantage. I, the cartoon image "Prince Forest", am taken as the prolocutor for the brand "Prince Forest" is a product of pencil. Although I am just a new comer, but I believe I will be your most excellent learning partner with my lovely appearance and intrinsic quality. "Prince Forest" is a kind of high quality pencil that specially designed for students, cartoon image of which is lively and lovely, fashionable and active, healthy and upward, and represent the hero and justice so that is favored by students. Finagling Wood Industry brings this healthy image to pencils of students and breaks the monopoly situation of foreign cartoon stationery so that it becomes more choices and enjoyable domestic independent brand of students. Xianglong Wood Industry combines the lovely image of cartoon with the practicality of stationery and abandons the harmful designing trend that takes the stationery as toy to dedicate to relieve study pressures of students through health image and lead students to use the stationery correctly and like to study. Products of "Prince Forest" have many kinds of color system and several dozens of products with different specifications. What's more, we continuously absorb international fashionable popular elements and design essence in designing products so that our products can lead the trend all along. "Your satisfaction is our pursuit", that is our goal and we will make unremitting efforts and continually develop new products at the fastest speed. We hope that "Prince Forest" will bring inexhaustible magic force to you.

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