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SHANDONG YAOHUI SOLAR CO.,LTD is a company from China exhibitors of 119th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


  • Products ShowRoom :
    Kitchenware & tableware ;
  • Scope of Business :
  • Main Products :
    Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Container, Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glassware,Borosilicate Glass Tube
  • Briefing :
    Established in March 2002, Yaohui has over 1,600 employees and covers an area of more than 400,000 square meters. It has three branches. A leader in China's high-borosilicate glass industry and one of the world's best manufacturers of specialty glass, Yaohui Group has always been firmly committed to the research and development of high-borosilicate glass products and other specialty glassware. We employ cutting-edge technology and emphasize health and safety. We are the largest manufacturer of high-borosilicate glass not only in China, but the whole world. Yaohui produces more than 60% of all vacuum heat-collecting tubes used by Chinese producers of solar water heaters.We produce high-borosilicate heat-resistant glassware and airtight glass containers; high-borosilicate glass tubes used for solar thermal power generation; specialty glass tubes used for solar water heaters; and other high-borosilicate glass tubes. We produce specialty high-borosilicate glass tubes used for solar thermal power generation using unique production and processing technology, and are the only company in the world using this advanced technology to produce large-diameter, specialty glass tubes—this product is already being exported to German companies. we enjoy the right to manage our own imports and exports. Our company's environmental (ISO14001) and quality (ISO9001) management systems both obtained certification in 2007. Lehe Home is Yaohui's brands. By combining advanced technology from abroad with our own cutting-edge processes and techniques, we have created a line of heat-resistant glassware that is not only reliable, strong, safe, convenient and environmentally-friendly but also simple and stylish in appearance. Lehe Home glassware and air tight glassglass containers have passed the safety and quality inspections of the United States FDA, Germany LFGB, French DGCCRF andEU 84/500EEC,2005/31/EC. These products are truly an indispensible part of a healthy,contemporary lifestyle!

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